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What To Expect From The Samsung Galaxy S3

With the actual launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S III, or The Next Galaxy, just a day away, ITProPortal is now compiling a roundup of what we know so far, from the rumours and speculation that have some credibility and weight to them.

We could start this round up from the very beginning, when we first started to hear about the successor to the Galaxy S II, but as often is the case, the more reliable information comes out closer to the actual launch date.

This will be from people in the know and also with reliable sources, who are actually seeing the handset first-hand and then leaking the sensitive information.

With this in mind, we have only taken the last month or so into account, dismissing the older and more dated rumours.

The Name

Samsung pushed a Samsung Mobile UNPACKED 2012 app on Google Play last week, containing a clear reference to the ‘Galaxy S3' name.

The app provided details about all the previous Samsung Mobile Unpacked episodes, the event schedule (which will happen on the 3rd of May in London), the event location and transportation for that event, the teaser and a link to the live stream.

This is all while the Samsung GT-i9300 name has appeared in benchmarking tests, with the handset being compared with some of the world's most advanced devices. The tests were performed using GLBenchmark, found on Google Play.


The size of The Next Galaxy was established this week, with a picture of the smartphone emerging next to a ruler, giving an indication of its dimensions. The device will be 130mm long, which is just under 5.12in long, with a screen size of 4.8in or 122mm.


An photo emerged at the start of the week, reported to be of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. The picture looks decidedly grainy and shows a handset that looks a lot like the Galaxy Nexus, but with what looks like a slimmer frame and a physical home button with one capacitive button on either side.

There's also what appears to be a dual volume button, on the left hand side of the device, plus a 4.8in diagonal display.

Design and Buttons

At the end of last week, the Samsung GT-i9300 user manual was leaked. This document shows marks of a physical button, a possibly curved design and impressive specs.

What appears to be a picture extracted from the Galaxy S III service manual, contains interesting details about the insides of the upcoming top-tier mobile phone.

The design of the model was also hinted at, from a simple sketch. The image shows traces of a wide-physical button, as well as two capacitive buttons.

The same leaked ‘grainy photo' (that we have already mentioned), revealed the phone's physical and capacitive buttons.

Evident in the photo is a physical home key, centred at the bottom of the phone surrounded by a thin light. Either side are two separate capacitive buttons, menu on the left, back on the right, both of which light up.


Samsung confirmed at the end of April that the Next Galaxy, commonly known as the Samsung Galaxy S3, will get a quad-core processor called the Exynos 4 Quad - which will run at 1.4GHz.

The chip, which was also known as the Exynos 4420, packs four Cortex-A9 based processors with ARM's Mali400 GPU, to deliver an all ARM-based system on chip solution.

Days later, an unnamed executive quoted by Korea Times claimed: the S3 will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, perhaps in the United States - due to the fact that 4G LTE is more prevent in North America.


Samsung could unveil a new cloud storage service called S-Cloud to run on the Galaxy S3. This is set to take on the iCloud, according to a report from Maeil Business.

The plan could be part of a project called "Samsung Electronics SW Consolidation Plan" and the S-Cloud could be unveiled on the 3rd of May, at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Sony Mobile partnered with in the past, while HTC offers a free two-year subscription with its One smartphone series, with Dropbox (25GB).

Mobile Phone Networks

Two weeks ago, Samsung put up teaser site. Hours later, Vodafone had a registration page for customers looking to receive updates about the Galaxy S3; this was the first UK network to confirm that they will be carrying the handset.

24 hours after Vodafone, rival mobile phone operator O2 confirmed that it will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, via Twitter, where it called the mobile the next Samsung Galaxy - rather than the S3.

High street retailer Carphone Warehouse announced days later, that it will be selling the next Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, commonly known as the Galaxy S3.

The company also put up a registration page, which urged interested parties to register. This webpage noted that the Next Galaxy would come to all major networks.

Benchmarking Results

Last week, AnTuTu, the phone benchmarking application, was used to reveal the Samsung Galaxy S3 specifications. This is a benchmarking app that can be found on Google Play, which reported the Samsung Galaxy S3 performance was twice as fast as its predecessor, the Galaxy S2.

It had also shown it packs an Exynos 4212 chip, built by Samsung. The unit's frequency has been clocked at 1.4GHz, and will come in a quad-core configuration.

Another impressive element is the 4.7in display, a bit larger than the one used in the Galaxy Nexus. This will render content at 1,270 by 720 pixel resolution.

The Galaxy S III may also come with 1GB of RAM, a bit less than some were expecting, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (we may even see it with 4.0.4 preloaded).


This week, AnTuTu, confirmed the validity of the Samsung Galaxy S III figures.

Where it has stated: "What we got is not only scores, but information on smartphones, so we can surely say it is Samsung I9300."

The phone results recorded where the Exynos 4212 chip clocked at 1.4GHz, 1GB of RAM, a 4.7in wide display that renders content at a 1,280 by 720 (HD) resolution and of course, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Due to the fact that AnTuTu captured a 4212 Exynos chip, this makes some believe that this is the US variant of the Galaxy S3. The latest rumours show that US may receive a dual-core processor, instead of the already confirmed quad-core model, announced by Samsung itself.

The phone will be launched this coming Thursday at an invite-only event in London where will be reporting via Rob Kerr, our mobile editor.

You can read more about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and all the gossip surrounding what could turn up to be the biggest non-Apple event of the year on our dedicated liveblog. We will covering the event live from Thursday at 1800 GMT.

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