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YouTube Accounts For 25 Per Cent Of Mobile Network Traffic

Networking equipment expert Sandvine has released its latest internet traffic report, which shows the prevalence to video streaming to mobiles, and the popularity of YouTube in particular.

Sandvine's Global Internet Phenomena Report is compiled using data drawn from 200 plus customers worldwide, and it found that in North America, video and audio streaming make up over half of mobile data traffic. The leading streaming sources were Pandora, Netflix and YouTube.

YouTube was top of the table, naturally, in all the regions examined: including Europe. It accounted for as much as 25 per cent of network data in some regions, and no less than 12 per cent wherever Sandvine tallied its statistics.

The report also noted that instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp were enjoying widespread popularity, and cannibalising SMS revenue. The firm cited one Asian mobile network, serving a million subscribers, witnessed 7.6 million WhatsApp messages sent every day.

Sandvine predicts that video and audio streaming will account for almost two-thirds of North America's mobile data usage, by the end of 2014. The company also sees click-to-cloud, back-up of photos from smartphones, as becoming a significant source of net traffic across the globe.

President and CEO of Sandvine, Dave Caputo, noted: "Aggregate reports like our Global Internet Phenomena shed light on the Internet as a whole and inform operators on trends relevant to their business."