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Anonymous "Hacktivist" Organiser Speaks out

Self-proclaimed hacktivist and organiser of online protests, Peter Fein, has been speaking out about his involvement with Anonymous and the message behind the group's actions - protest.

The video interview posted by the BBC begins by asking about Mr Fein's involvement. He said that while he doesn't take part in any illegal activity, hacking or DDOSing himself, he does bring together those that do. He describes the personalities of those involved as often being quite anarchic, making clashes of the passionate few involved very possible. His talent he says, is in getting these types of people to work together towards their common goal.

The interviewer stressed the message to Mr Fein at one point that DDOS attacks are illegal. His grinning response is that so was blocking doorways and marching during the American civil rights movement - whereas now it's considered a protest. This is what DDOSing is he says, at the heart of that type of protest, nobody is hurt - but access to something is blocked, drawing attention to the cause.

Towards the end of the short video, Peter is quizzed on his involvement with Telecomix, another hacking group that aims to help pro-democracy protestors in restrictive nations get their messages, videos and images out of their native country so the world can see what's going on.

Mr Fein said that he wasn't directly involved in the actions of these groups, taking on a more managerial role like he does with Anonymous. Despite this however, he claimed to be incredibly proud of his involvement and that it felt great to be doing something that his heart, mind and soul could all get behind.

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