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Apple Has The Most Loyal Fans, Survey Reveals

According to a recent customer satisfaction survey published by Vocalabs, Apple has the most loyal fans. The survey revealed that the intention to move from Apple to another brand is not a priority among Apple customers.

Only 0.44 per cent of the polled users admitted they would buy from Apple's competitors. In second position is Dell, with 1.66 per cent of the customers wanting to leave in the near future.

"Apple had the lowest number of these especially disloyal customers, despite the fact that it is easier to change brands for a piece of electronics than for a bank or a mobile phone. Apple maintains its customer loyalty despite the fact there are few barriers to switching," says the report.

A similar survey on the top US carriers has revealed that AT&T has the most stable fan base, as 0.8 per cent of the polled customers have admitted of taking the business elsewhere. T-Mobile came in second place, followed by Sprint and Verizon.

Customers who answered the survey were also asked detail their dissatisfaction and complaints. One of the recurring reasons for discontent related to the automated system and the difficulty in reaching customer service.

Even the language skills of the customer care staff or their manners received a mention among the top complaints.

Source: Vocalabs

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