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Boingo And Deutsche Telekom Partner For In-Flight Wi-Fi

Wireless service provider Boingo has announced that it's hooking up with Deutsche Telekom to bring Wi-Fi to intercontinental flights, via Deutsche Telekom's on-board communication service.

Initially, the service will be available to Boingo customers on select Lufthansa flights, between Germany and the US, and also Canada. However, the Wi-Fi offering will soon expand to other airlines, and nations.

Bjorn Thorngren, director of EMEA for Boingo Wireless, commented: "International travellers should have the opportunity to be as productive in the air as on the ground, especially during long-haul flights. DT's service provides one more valuable way Boingo customers can use their account to stay connected on the go."

Boingo notes that customers will be able to log into the wireless broadband service, via the roaming links, on the web-based interface for the moment - with the Boingo Wi-Finder app set to be enabled, to provide an easier connection method in the near future. The bad news is that in-flight broadband access is a premium service, not included in monthly Boingo plans, meaning customers will be charged separately for the Wi-Fi service (by being billed directly to their account).

Exactly when Boingo intends to expand the offering beyond Lufthansa isn't mentioned, by the company.