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Desktop And Mobile Firefox Clients Will Share The Same Design

Mozilla has recently combined its desktop and mobile design teams in order to offer the same browsing style over multiple platforms. A presentation slide on how that will be accomplished and their future plans have been made public.

The new version of Firefox aims to bring a "soft, friendly and human" interface that will look and feel the same across all platforms, no matter how large or small they are. In addition, this experience will be implemented in various operating systems, such as Android, Windows 8 and others.

Stephen Horlander, a member of Mozilla's design team, has created a new design called Australis which brings curved tabs, a simplified menu and other improvements. The team has also been working on a more functional start page and a cleaner downloads interface.

The new style also contains a new reading mode for mobile use, as well as a dedicated sharing feature.

In terms of Windows 8, Firefox is working hard on a Metro-based client. Development began earlier this year, with the team recently presenting a layout similar to the one found on Android tablets. Improvements like the placement of tabs on top and a Metro-style "New tab" button can also be spotted.

Once the plans have been completed, Mozilla aims to bring a "beautiful and engaging design" with quick and seamless access to content for a comfortable browsing experience, which could be described as both simple and powerful across all form-factors.

Source: SlideShare