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EA Games Wants Your Thoughts On Origin

EA Games has put this question to its Origin users: 'What do you think of it?' According to the publishing giant the service has gone through a "quiet evolution" where it has changed and grown, elements added, others taken away leaving the Origin that we have today. But is it any good?

As part of a blog post, EA described how it received an email from a frustrated user with a problem that they helped resolve. It may have helped that said user was Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research.

The post continues by saying this instance helped EA realise that it had developed far from a perfect service, so now it's asking the community for feedback and ideas. The two questions it wants answered in the comment section of its site are: What is your favourite Origin feature? And what is a feature you would like to see added or improved upon?

EA also plans to host a live Q&A with the creator of Origin, Robert Kissinger and product manager Mike Lewis. It will take place on 8th May at 10am PST, making it 6PM (BST) here.

Head of Valve Gabe Newell recently hit out at Origin, saying that while he believed in the future it could be a good service and that the developers were clearly talented, it (and they) had yet to show it.

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