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Everything Everywhere Launches First 4G Trial In The North

Everything Everywhere has launched what it claims to be the first live trial of 4G in the north of England.

The press statement Everything Everywhere (EE) issued took pains to point out that the 1800MHz spectrum being tested is that which could be employed to bring 4G to the UK before 2012 is out (Ofcom permitting).

Currently EE is trying to drum up support for 4G to be rolled out as fast as possible in the UK, via a campaign amongst other measures. A commendable goal, certainly, but one which will give EE a head start on the other networks by allowing the firm to utilise its 1800MHz spectrum before any other operator's 4G service goes live.

The trial is located in the area of Threlkeld in Cumbria, and the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, was on hand for the launch.

Gove said: "I'm really delighted to be switching on the first ever deployment of this cutting-edge technology in the North of England. Cumbria has unique needs due to its sparse population and long distances, which 4G LTE will help overcome.

"Cumbria's schools and educational opportunities will be revolutionised by this technology. Cumbria's record number of small businesses will be transformed by this next generation technology. 4G will bring jobs to rural areas and all the benefits of superfast broadband in education and health to its remote communities."

The trial will roll out over the next few weeks, with up to 50 local residents involved in the scheme, which will run through to the end of July.