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iPhone 5 Will Take Apple’s Price Target To $750

Watching the evolution of Apple's stocks has been like riding the ups and downs of a rollercoaster. The shares' price reached an all-time high last month, shortly followed by a slight downfall.

Analysts have made confusing predictions about the growth of the top tech company. Some say that the stocks will break the $1000 milestone in the next 2 years, while others point out that a company cannot keep up a rising streak forever.

Ben Reitzes from Barclays Capital estimates that Apple's shares will continue to rise. The analyst explains that investors should remain confident and disregard the recent slide in stock value.

Ben Reitzes also announced his $750 price target on the Apple stock, as he views the stock as "well within the 6-month range when shares benefit in anticipation of a major iPhone product cycle."

The next generation iPhone, expected to hit the market in October, will surely boost Apple's sales - considering the pent-up demand in anticipation of the sixth generation iPhone.

Ben Reitzes also points out that Apple might have some important announcements to make at June's Worldwide Developer Conference. The company could introduce a new iOS version and new features for its OS X Mountain Lion.

Source: Barrons

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