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Leak Reveals A Logitech Solar-Powered Case For The New iPad

Yesterday, for a short while, Best Buy customers had the chance to check out a new iPad case from Logitech, with an interesting feature. Rumours have it that Logitech has been working for a while, on a solar-powered case for Apples' tablets and the evidence is now apparent.

However, so far, there has been no confirmation about this project and the company has just left everyone guessing. A Best Buy listing, now removed from the website, revealed the Logitech case, perhaps a little too soon.

The iPad case was described as having a built-in, solar-powered keyboard, capable to recharge in direct light. The keyboard has 121 keys, including dedicated keys for Internet and multimedia.

Despite our most optimistic expectations, the case doesn't charge the iPad, only the Bluetooth keyboard. Best Buy noted the product is compatible with only the third generation iPad.

Logitech's case comes with a price tag of $130 (£80). The company also charges for its non-solar-powered keyboard and stand, $30 less. After the information spread online, Best Buy removed the listing.

The online retailer might have been too hasty to announce a new product, even with the "coming soon" teaser. Dave Zatz, one of the first who have discovered the product on Best Buy was contacted by Logitech, and then asked to remove his post on the subject.

Source: Zatznotfunny

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