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LG Will Not Abandon Windows Phone OS

An LG spokesperson has denied that it plans to abandon the Windows Phone OS for future phones, but will stick with Android for the moment.

After recent news that LG would "take a step back" from Microsoft's mobile OS, it seems that LG has been keen to deny the speculation.

A representative stated that the company is currently focusing on Android, the operating system that everyone seems to look for at the moment: "Although we don't have another Windows device in the pipeline at this moment, that is simply because demand for Android devices is so strong."

The spokesman continued with saying that LG will maintain its primary strategy to support whatever mobile OS consumers want. For the moment, the company is trying to release an Android smartphone for every type of budget.

On 22nd on May, when Seoul will be the home of the annual Digital Forum conference, Microsoft and LG will have an opportunity to improve their relationship. The spokesman said he had no details regarding this meeting.

Microsoft may convince LG to build another Windows Phone device simply by presenting Nokia as a valid and trustworthy partner. Although LG hasn't manufactured a WP7 handset recently, the company is one of the first that supported Microsoft's mobile platform.

Source: PCmag