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Management At GAME Sees Shake-Up

Five of GAME's upper management are set to leave the retailer in the next few weeks, due to a corporate restructuring. This will no doubt be pleasing news to the employees at the many stores that had to close, noting that the executives - that likely had a bigger impact on the business' decline - didn't escape the cull.

New, old CEO, Martyn Gibbs has been speaking about the move, saying he hopes it will make the company far more streamlined - perhaps suggesting that these people won't be replaced.

"We've made rapid progress in our first month, thanks to the support of our industry partners and the immense efforts of our teams across the UK," he said. "As we now look further forward, we've made some important changes to our senior team to reflect the ongoing evolution of our business. Reorganising the leadership team to match the size and shape of our new business means that we will also be bidding farewell to some friends."

The people set to leave in the coming weeks have been named. They are: chief commercial officer Tricia Brenna, operations manager Robert Quinn, head of business development and insight Alex Vines, group communications director Simon Soffe and ecommerce director Situl Thakrar.

Two new temporary positions have been taken at the firm as part of the restructure. Dominic Lavelle has been given responsibility for the management shake-up process, while Neil Robson has been made the interim CFO.

Source: Games Industry

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