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Microsoft Discontinues Inside Xbox Show

Microsoft has announced the halt of all production on its Inside Xbox programmes. This will mean the end of all first party shows, including: Major's Minute, Featured Videos and Insider Movies.

"We want to express our sincere appreciation to all of our viewers and fans of Inside Xbox, and remain committed to providing our members with access to high-quality news and information via the console, social media channels and," said Microsoft's Larry Hryb on Major Nelson.

"This decision was not made lightly. Our teams working on Inside Xbox have done a great job connecting with our members and delivering high-quality, informative game news and tips. We thank them all for their contributions to the Xbox Live community and wish them all the best in their future endeavours."

The Inside Xbox video newsletter detailed upcoming games with news and previews, along with gameplay videos and tips.

Fans of the service aren't happy that it's going away. One writes:

"come on really ive found a handful of games i have all due to inside xbox and the sent u a message program. I had no interest in the upcoming Ghost Recon game, but now that i saw some multiplayer action on inside xbox that totally got me interested in picking it up."

With the general consensus from viewers being that the shows were good, why are they being halted? Some other fans have an idea: not many are watching because the content is buried within the new dashboard.

"If they didn't hide them away in the crappy dash, maybe people would watch more. I used to watch several of them weekly, but they moved it all around and they aren't easily accessible anymore," said one commenter. Many others echoed his feelings.

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