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Noon News: LG Not to Abandon Windows Phone OS, iPhone 5: Apple's Key to $750 a pop Share Prices, GAME Management Rejig

An LG spokesperson has denied that it plans to abandon the Windows Phone OS for future phones, but will stick with Android for the moment. After recent news that LG would "take a step back" from Microsoft's mobile OS, it seems that LG has been keen to deny the speculation. A representative stated that the company is currently focusing on Android, the operating system that everyone seems to look for at the moment: "Although we don't have another Windows device in the pipeline at this moment, that is simply because demand for Android devices is so strong."

Watching the evolution of Apple's stocks has been like riding the ups and downs of a rollercoaster. The shares' price reached an all-time high last month, shortly followed by a slight downfall. Analysts have made confusing predictions about the growth of the top tech company. Some say that the stocks will break the $1000 milestone in the next 2 years, while others point out that a company cannot keep up a rising streak forever.

Five of GAME's upper management are set to leave the retailer in the next few weeks, due to a corporate restructuring. This will no doubt be pleasing news to the employees at the many stores that had to close, noting that the executives - that likely had a bigger impact on the business' decline - didn't escape the cull.

Symantec reckons the Flashback Trojan has been making something in the order of $10,000 for its perpetrators. In a blog post, the security company noted that it has been reverse engineering components of OSX.Flashback.K to determine its purpose, and discovered the real motive: revenue generation. The malware has an ad-clicking component which Symantec notes hasn't been much discussed, but in fact this component is where the money making comes in.

A new app in iTunes is now available for iPhone users wishing to make the most of their handset's video function. SloPro from Sand Mountain Studios is a free app, filed unfer the Photo and Video category, which promises unprecedented video recording capabilities. The SloPro app allows iPhone users to record 60 frames per second (FPS) video footage.