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Samsung Galaxy S3 Could Be Available In Blue And White

While we are fidgeting in anticipation for the next Galaxy S model, the leaks and rumours keep pouring in from various sources. One of the latest speculations suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S3 might come in two different colours: blue and white.

The leaked information published yesterday, came from a snapshot of Carphone Warehouse's inventory system. It would be strange to see Samsung abandoning the black models, but it's not unheard of.

Samsung describes the colours of Galaxy Note, available on AT&T, as Carbon Blue and Ceramic White. The dark colour could be defined as a deep blue, almost black. The blue-ish tint can only be perceived under certain lighting conditions.

A hot new piece of information published today, confirms the blue Galaxy S3 version. A few pictures of what appear to be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, have surfaced on a website in the Netherlands.

Also, a screen protector for Galaxy S3, also discovered by Unwire HK, could suggest that the next Galaxy S will have a larger display. It is not easy to predict with accuracy, the smartphone's display, but judging by its screen protector analysts assume Galaxy S3 will be somewhere around 4.8inches.

Source: GSM Arena

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