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Samsung Galaxy S III: Latest Images

The Samsung Galaxy S III launches later on today, and will be there, with our mobile editor Rob Kerr in attendance.

We'll finally get a glimpse of the true form of the next Galaxy S handset then, but before the big reveal, we thought it would be a useful exercise to take a look at some of the latest purported images of the S III that have leaked out.

As we reported this morning, this snap has just appeared on a website in the Netherlands:

Then there's this recent one from Knowyourmobile, which shows the S III and its expansive display next to a ruler. Sent in by an anonymous source, it shows that the device will be 5.12in long, with most of that being the 4.8in screen.

This is the most likely candidate for how the S III will actually look, as the photo seems grainy, realistic and not "photoshopped", and it looks much like the pic from the Netherlands based website, too. Here's the full image:

A week ago, an image emerged on a Chinese forum called, which was quickly whipped away. However, SlashGear captured the pic before it was removed.

It shows the handset with a physical home button, and four context-aware capacitive buttons. In this pic, the phone also has a large rocker button on the left, and dedicated photo button on the right. The bezel looks slightly thicker than in the Knowyourmobile picture.

Then there was this image, which appeared in mid-April on a Polish website, the picture being spread virally when BGR reported on it. The supposed S III here is like a cross between the Galaxy S and Note, but it looks like a fake, with basic elements such as the perspective seeming off. Not a likely prospect, then.

We'll find out which image is indeed the real Samsung Galaxy S III later today, when the launch event kicks off at 1800 GMT - follow our live blog here.