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Samsung is Now The World's Best Smartphone Seller

According to various reports, Samsung has managed to outsell both Apple and Nokia in the first three months of this year, at least when it comes to smartphones. The manufacturer now claims the top spot in the intelligent handset class, controlling almost a third of the market.

In the first quarter of 2012, it seems that Samsung managed to ship over 42.2 million smartphones, claiming over 29.1 per cent of the total market. During the same period, Apple only sold 35.1 million units, while Nokia lands on the third place with 11.9 million.

Research in Motion, HTC and other manufacturers have controlled significantly lesser shares of the mobile pie, but HTC is expected to quickly recover with the help of the newly launched HTC One X.

Surprisingly, even for Samsung, the Seoul-based company has grown in smartphone sales by 267 per cent - compared with the same period of the past year - while Apple only managed to grow by 88.7 per cent.

On the other side, Nokia has declined with more than 50 per cent from the past year with its Lumia-line being a big influence lately, with the released Lumia 900 (in the USA).

The Finnish manufacturer now controls 8.2 per cent of the market, a percentage that would hopefully increase with Nokia's strong marketing campaign and rising demand.

Samsung has also dethroned Nokia as the world's most successful phone seller, after a 14 year monopoly. This trend is expected to continue, as Samsung will release today the next Galaxy phone.

Source: DigitalTrends