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Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S3 Emerges Online

What looks like a screen protector for the next Galaxy (otherwise known as the Galaxy S3) has emerged online and a picture of it covering the current Galaxy S2 shows how big the new smartphone will be.

A website from Hong-Kong, Unwire.Hk, put the Ultimate Screen Guard on the S2 and one can notice that the S3 is just slightly larger than the S2. There will apparently be a home button which appears to be all so closer to the edge of the smartphone.

Based on the dimensions of the screen protector, it appears more than likely that the screen of the Galaxy S3 will be much bigger than the 4.3in of the S2. A 4.65in or even bigger screen appears to be highly likely.

The phone will be launched this coming Thursday at an invite-only event in London where will be reporting via Rob Kerr, our mobile editor.

You can read more about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and all the gossip surrounding what could turn up to be the biggest non-Apple event of the year on our dedicated liveblog. We will covering the event live from Thursday at 1800 GMT.

Source : Unwire

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