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SloPro Allows Slow Motion Viewing On iPhone 4S

A new app in iTunes is now available for iPhone users wishing to make the most of their handset's video function. SloPro from Sand Mountain Studios is a free app, filed unfer the Photo and Video category, which promises unprecedented video recording capabilities.

The SloPro app allows iPhone users to record 60 frames per second (FPS) video footage. While the normal video is recorded at 30 FPS, it displays poor video quality when the display speed is slow.

SloPro offers a way around this with enhanced video recording. The app is compatible with devices running on iOS 5.0, specifically iPhone 4 and 4S, the second and third generation iPad as well as the iPod Touch.

But it is the iPhone 4S and its exceptional camera that makes the best out of this app. Amongst other features, SloPro allows users to toggle slow motion while recording.

They can also trim and change slow motion afterwards in order to get the best possible results and unleash their creativity. For amateur film editors, the time that takes rendering could be discouraging, but this app promises "no rendering delay." In addition, the app offers support for Facebook and YouTube downloads.

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