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Toshiba Launches Glasses-Free 3D TV In Asia

Toshiba has debuted its latest TV in the Asian market, a glasses-free 55in model known as the Regza 55RZ1. As well as being wide and incredibly thin, this model also supports a massive HD 4K resolution of up to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

To deliver the glasses-free 3D experience, Toshiba's new baby uses lenticular lenses and some powerful processing to deliver up to nine different effective 3D viewing zones. This means that users can sit in a wide variety of viewing angles yet get a full 3D picture as if they are viewing from the centre position.There is also an inbuilt face-tracking system to modify these sweet spots for the exact location of the viewer.

Another big feature, only possible because of the set's ridiculously high resolution, is the 4K Super Resolution + function. This converts and upmixes 2D content to 4K levels, whether it's standard or high definition. Native 4K videos however can only be viewed through an external input box - the same with super high res. photos.

In terms of connectivity, the 55RZI offers four HDMI inputs, a subwoofer and DNLA certification. The display technology is LED edgelighting along with localised dimming.

No price has yet been announced for the Regza, though since it is set to be available towards the end of May, it seems likely we'll learn how much pretty soon.

Source: CNET

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