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Secure Cyber Cafe Working for Office 365

Secure Bastion Limited is a security company that has migrated to Microsoft Office 365. From a cost benefit, Microsoft Office 365 was a no-brainer providing its business email, website presence, corporate data sharing, on-line communication and the Microsoft Office suite for a price that dwarves the costs involved in the procurement, hardware and software maintenance, upgrades and on-going management of all the components necessary to duplicate the same benefits of Microsoft Office 365. According to John Walker, Managing Director of Secure Bastion, in addition to the cost benefits, using Microsoft Office 365 was convenient, as he could work in his office anywhere in the world, however there are several security issues companies need to be aware of.

Working on the Internet is an essential component of every business. A website gives helpful information about a business, email is useful for sending quotations, sales orders and general information, social media is useful for business networking, additional communication and research, Amazon is great for purchasing a variety of products, on-line banking saves time in queues and time travelling to and from the bank plus 24 x 7 access to financial information. However like any business process there are potential risks and dangers that users need to be aware of. The most common advice being, "never share your password with anyone." We asked Mr Walker, what other security issues there were with working online and also with Microsoft Office 365. Mr Walker had these tips to share with us.

When using any wireless network such as from within a cyber-café.

1. Be aware that your data may not be encrypted and can be intercepted

2. Passwords can be captured

3. Be careful of shoulder surfing in the café

4. Use a complex password

Mr Walker also felt it essential that companies give employees education on how to create and remember complex passwords and on working in the cloud in general. One potentially disastrous scenario could be if a user's password was compromised and the hackers accessed business confidential information. Mr Walker felt company education was key to resolving these security issues because in spite of scenarios, for example where banks continually warn customers that the banks would never ask the users for their passwords, many passwords were still being stolen through phishing and other attacks. In the same way, although Microsoft has published much regarding being secure on-line, users don't always read or understand the message.

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