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Wait For The Samsung Galaxy S3, CW Staff Tells Customers

Staff at an unidentified Carphone Warehouse shop in London have been caught urging customers to wait for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, scheduled for later today, because "it will be better than the iPhone 4s", according to a report published by T3.

An anonymous staff member is reported to have "recommended to several customers who were looking to upgrade to an iPhone 4s to wait" for the follow up of the Galaxy S2, arguably Samsung's most popular Android handset on the market.

He said "We're recommending that customers wait for the Samsung Galaxy S3 instead of buying an iPhone 4s because it's going to be better and will offer consumers greater value for their money. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is on par with the current iPhone, so we're certain that the Galaxy S3 will have better specs and more features."

It's worth noting that profits on the iPhone 4S 16GB pay monthly connections - the most popular model - appear to be significantly less than for other handsets as Carphone Warehouse does not pay cashback on the iPhone 4S 16GB. In comparison, a new Pay Monthly contract should get customers up to £55.55 for the Galaxy S3.

The phone will be launched at an invite-only event in London where will be reporting via Rob Kerr, our mobile editor.

You can read more about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and all the gossip surrounding what could turn up to be the biggest non-Apple event of the year on our dedicated liveblog. We will covering the event live from Thursday at 1900 GMT.

Source : T3

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