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Xbox 360 And Kinect Bundle To Cost Just $99

Rumours claim that Microsoft is going to launch a premium Xbox package next week, offering the classic Xbox 360 and the Kinect sensor for just $99. Unfortunately, the offer is expected to apply only to those that purchase a two-year subscription.

The bundle comes with the 4GB version of the Xbox 360 console and should be available across all Microsoft stores in the US.

The subsidised $99 price comes with a two-year agreement for a monthly cost of $15, which will cover an Xbox Live Gold subscription, some possible additional streaming content from cable suppliers and two years of warranty.

However, those wishing to break the contract before the two year mark will have to pay a termination fee.

When the figures are added up, those who purchase this bundle will pay $459 during the two years of contract, which also includes the gaming gear.

This is $39 more expensive than if we were to purchase the cheapest two-year Xbox Live Gold subscription and the console plus sensor bundle.

Considering the fact that Microsoft wants to lure customers away from competitors like Apple TV, Roku and PlayStation 3, that "extra streaming content" should be really worth the extra payment, and more.

The offer should be made public from next week, but sources claim it will currently only be available in the US.

Source: The Verge