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Yahoo Debuts Marketing Dashboard For Small Businesses

Yahoo has announced an expansion of its small business promotion platform, offering them a new marketing dashboard that is designed to allow the analyisng of website data to maintain a firm grasp on a business' exposure across social media and other promotional platforms.

It also correlates reviews and public opinion, bringing together some 8,000 sources and listing them all in one location so a business owner can have a firm grasp of what people think about the business itself, its service, employees, products and more.

Google analytics and other stat tracking sources are built-in and accessible together, as well as email marketing and SEO suggestions and campaigns.

Yahoo released an infographic with the dashboard, explaining why the features were necessary. It uses statistics to show that it's important to manage a business' reputation online and that marketing a service or product to a customer's need is not only vital, but doable with the new Yahoo features.

While many of the new tools are free, there is a paid for version which offers advanced features including improved email campaign tracking and extra reputation management options.

Source: TechCrunch

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