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Amazon Cloud Drive App Launched For PC & Mac

Amazon has launched a PC and Mac app for its Cloud Drive service.

Amazon's cloud storage locker was launched over a year ago now, and offers 5GB of free online storage to punters. Of course, since then the competition in the cloud locker arena has intensified considerably, most recently with the arrival of Google Drive.

While Amazon does offer something of an incentive over and above other free cloud offerings - namely that music bought from the retailer benefits from unlimited storage, gratis - the firm has obviously felt the need to try and stay competitive.

Hence instead of just a browser interface, this desktop application has been pushed out for Windows and the Mac. Specifically, for Mac OS 10.6 and above, and Windows 7 along with Vista (there's no support for XP, though, sadly).

The new apps means you can now drag and drop files from your desktop, directly to your storage locker. However, initial feedback on the new Cloud Drive software indicates it's a pretty basic affair which, for example, doesn't facilitate file sharing.

Nor does it offer a desktop folder which is automatically synchronised with your cloud storage space. The company still has a fair bit of work to do, in order to keep up with the likes of Google Drive and Dropbox.

Source: CNET