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Android Made Net Loss In 2010, Says Judge

The Oracle-Google trial has revealed some interesting information about the profitability of Android, or indeed lack of it, in 2010.

The judge presiding over Oracle's action against Google regarding the use of Java in its Android operating system, has revealed that Android made a net loss in every quarter of 2010 (despite taking almost $100 million in revenue, in the first quarter of the year).

Finances were being discussed at the trial yesterday during a damages hearing.

Currently, the jury is debating the outcome of the first phase of the trial, which concerns copyright in the Android-Java row. The second will focus on patent issues, and the third phase in determining any actual damages due to Oracle.

This first phase is the important one, though, as a nod in Google's direction from the jury is likely to mean the firm is pretty much in the clear - as this is seen as the strongest part of Oracle's case.

The jury retired to deliberate their verdict on Monday, which was expected to take a couple of days. However, they've still yet to arrive at a decision - and yesterday afternoon, a juror sent a note asking would what happen if they can't reach a unanimous verdict. Upon receiving that, the judge sent them home, and they've continued the debate today.

It sounds like this isn't going to be resolved this week, as was expected, and we'll have to wait until early next week before judgement is delivered on Android.

Source: Reuters