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Bowers & Wilkins Launches P3 Headphones

While Rob was enduring all the pomp and ceremony at the undoubtedly massive Samsung Galaxy S III launch, I was attending a far more intimate, laid back affair. I spent the evening relaxing on a comfy leather sofa, located in Studio 2 of the legendary Abbey Road recording studio.

While Rob listened to speeches about voice recognition, NFC and quad-core processing power, I was sipping down drinks and listening to Portico Quartet record an exclusive session, right in front of me - it was a very good performance too.

The reason for this particular gathering was the launch of a new set of headphones from Bowers & Wilkins, the P3s. As you can see from the pictures on this page, the P3s look simply stunning, just like the P5s before them. What you can't see from the pictures, though, is how good they sound.

To give the assembled press a taste of the sound quality, we all listened to the aforementioned Portico Quartet session via a pair of P3s, and the result was very impressive. In fact, the most impressive thing about the sound quality is that the wireless receivers that we were all using weren't exactly free from interference, but still the music sounded great.

Like the P5s before them, the P3s are aimed at providing high fidelity sound while on the go, specifically when listening to music on your phone. You get two headphone leads with the P3s - one is equipped with remote controls and a microphone for use with an iPhone, while the other is compatible with non-Apple phones and players. Oh, and you can choose either white or black - both of which look great.

The P3s are more compact than the P5s, but they're still amazingly comfortable, despite the smaller ear-pads. The finish, as expected, is beautiful, with liberal use of aluminium and a completely bespoke fabric for the ear-pads.

The P3s will be hitting the street in June, with a price tag of £169.99, which seems surprisingly affordable based on what I've seen and heard of them so far.

I'll be listening to the P3s extensively over the next couple of days and posting a full review of Bowers and Wilkins' latest audio gem very soon.

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