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Facebook Unveils Two-Filter 'Instagram' For 'Facebook for Every Phone'

To celebrate Facebook's acquisition of Instagram for a shiny $1 billion, the social networking site has put its photography purchase to good use - and added filters to one of its apps.

For those using Facebook's non-smartphone app, "Facebook for Every Phone", amateur photographers can now add some creative flair to their images by use of the Sepia and Grayscale filters, similar to that used by Instagram.

But before people start questioning whether Instagram had a hand in the app, the answer is: no. The apps were actually developed courtesy of some nifty employee hackathon, naturally.

Back in August 2011, the New York Times reported that Facebook had plans to create a set of filters for its mobile app "with the hopes of drawing off fans of Instagram."

Yet the recent acquisition would render that report useless, however, it does give users unable to run Instagram on their phones the opportunity to harness Facebook's filter facility.

Facebook has not commented further on whether or not the company would be rolling out the feature to its other apps, but hey - nothing is ever in 'black and white', so future offerings could be winging this way soon.

Source: Mashable

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