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Google Doodle Celebrates Keith Haring’s 54th Birthday

Google's latest piece of search engine artwork commemorates the 54th anniversary of American pop art activist Keith Haring.

Haring was born in 1958 in Pennsylvania, with artistic talent running in the family as his father was a cartoonist. His early inspirations were the likes of Dr Seuss and Disney. Haring soon moved to the big city, New York to be precise, at the age of 19 and it was here he developed a fascination with graffiti art.

He attended the School of Visual Arts, and took to drawing in the city subways. Haring was soon famous for his distinct style, with the "radiant baby" - a crawling figure - becoming his signature symbol. Various artists inspired him in his earlier career, such as Andy Warhol.

Google's doodle shows off his colourful and bold art style, with various humanoid figures and surreal touches, each character making up a letter of the Google logo. It's quite a striking little piece of art, in the way the figures spell out the letters pretty accurately.

While the radiant baby doesn't appear in the logo, a flying chap with wings does, and what looks like some sort of lizard/dinosaur character (correct us if we're wrong, readers).

Haring achieved international fame in the eighties, and devoted much of his time to public works of art which carried a social message. He produced over 50 of these in many cities across the globe, during the eighties.

In 1988, Haring was diagnosed with AIDS, and the following year set up the Keith Haring Foundation to help fund organisations and raise awareness on the subject of the condition. He passed away in 1990.