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iPhone 4S Is UK's Most Popular Handset

USwitch website has published its latest research on the preferences of UK smartphone owners. After almost a year, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has finally been toppled from the top spot in favour of Apple's latest iPhone.

The change of leaders happened in the eve of the Galaxy S3 model release, which could mean that in a month, the Galaxy S range could push its newest member to the top once again.

"The Galaxy S2 has been a worthy and enduring bestseller, significantly undercutting the iPhone on pay monthly whilst providing a close parity of features," said Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch.

Six months after the release, the iPhone 4S managed to climb its way to the top. The previous iPhone model took eighth place, with the iPhone 4 enjoying the most spectacular rise as it had managed to jump nine places in just one month.

The rest of the hierarchy belonged to Android smartphones. Samsung has three devices - Galaxy S2 in second place, Galaxy Note in fourth and the Galaxy Ace in fifth.

HTC also made its way into British hearts, with three devices sitting comfortably in the top ten: HTC One X, in third place (up four places, compared to March), HTC One S (the new entry landing directly into sixth place) and HTC Wildfire S, landing in ninth.

Source: USwitch

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