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iPhone 5 Won’t Feature Liquidmetal, Says Inventor

Many have been speculating over whether or not Apple will be featuring Liquidmetal in the new iPhone, especially as Apple had the rights to use the innovative alloy since acquiring it back in 2010. Atakan Peker, who was one of the inventors of the alloy, suggests that it could take years before we see it in an Apple device.

"Liquidmetal is the trade name for a new class of metallic alloys. The alloys have a unique atomic structure, more like glass, and are commonly known as "bulk metallic glasses" or "bulk amorphous alloys," explained Atakan Peker in a recent interview.

In simpler terms, this particular material is smooth and great looking but with tough and longlasting elements. However, the technology is not yet ready.

Atakan Peker has suggested that it might take a few years and $300 to $500 million ((£185 to £309 million) for Apple to take the technology to a new level, suitable for commercial applications. Currently though, there is no manufacturing infrastructure capable to implement Liquidmetal on large scale production.

The Liquidmetal inventor believes that Apple cannot use the alloy in the upcoming iPhone, as previously rumoured, or in the new MacBook line. Atakan Peker thinks that Apple will most likely introduce the new material along with a "breakthrough product."

Source: BusinessInsider

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