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Late News: Hunt for Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3 Deal, Galaxy S3 Hands on Video, Microsoft Increases Volume Licensing Prices

The new Galaxy S3 smartphone was launched yesterday and will go on sale on the 30th of May. As we did over for the major launches (new iPad, TouchPad, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPad 2), we will be monitoring a number of websites across the UK to find out where users can get the best Samsung Galaxy S3 deals and will update this liveblog as soon as we get any details.

Even though O2 has yet to publish its full tariff tablet for the just-released Samsung Galaxy S3, most of its online retailers have and one of them,, has the two cheapest plans for the new Android superphone. O2 300 Internet Basics and O2 300 Internet All Rounder costs £29 and £29.92 (after a £50 cashback) respectively. The total costs of ownership are £696 and £718 respectively.

We are now publishing this very thorough, eight minute plus hands on walkthrough on video of the Samsung Galaxy S III, with a senior spokesperson from Samsung - Philip Berne, Technical Media Marketing Manager, in America. Samsung's Galaxy S III is set to arrive on the 29th of May, with all will the major UK mobile phone networks: Three, O2, Orange and Vodafone; with the latter exclusively stocking the 32GB version, for the period of a month.

Both Clove and have put the unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone on sale for just under £550 with the expected delivery date scheduled for the end of the month but Carphone Warehouse has it up for £499.95. That's around 33 per cent more than the selling price of the Galaxy Note or the Galaxy Nexus and around £50 more expensive than the HTC One X. The handset was revealed yesterday in Earls Court at a Samsung UNPACKED Mobile event.

Microsoft is planning to increase its volume licensing prices in the UK, with numbers expected to rise by a third - mainly due to differences between the Great British Pound and the Euro. The Redmond-based software giant stated on Monday that prices will increase by up to 33.5 per cent beginning 1st July.