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Microsoft Hires Yahoo! Researchers For NYC Lab

Microsoft has plans to start a new research laboratory in New York City where some of its members will be brought aboard from Yahoo!, after the company made significant layoffs last month.

The Redmond-based company has hired 14 Yahoo! members, including Duncan Watts the well-known social network researcher, machine-learning expert John Langford as well as David Pennock, who will oversee day-to-day lab operations.

Jennifer Chayes, the person managing Microsoft's Research in New England, states that these Yahoo! members did not necessarily come as a package: "I feel like we hired 14 amazing individuals, some of which became available because there were some problems at Yahoo."

The NYC research centre will be the thirteenth global Microsoft office of its kind, with numerous other offices based in Redmond, Cambridge, Asia, Silicon Valley, India, Cairo and of course, Europe.

Duncan Watts, one of the first members recruited from Yahoo!, claimed that Microsoft is "an extremely distinguished research organization with long history and stable culture for both basic and applied science."

Although Microsoft lacks social products, Duncan Watts said that he will work with data gathered from Xbox Live, Hotmail, MSN Messenger and Skype, for research projects on group performance and network structure.

For the moment, the New York based team is working from Microsoft's sales office, while a new headquarter is being prepared as we speak.

Source: AllThingD