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Microsoft To Increase Volume Licensing Prices By 33 Per Cent In UK

Microsoft is planning to increase its volume licensing prices in the UK, with numbers expected to rise by a third - mainly due to differences between the Great British Pound and the Euro.

The Redmond-based software giant stated on Monday that prices will increase by up to 33.5 per cent beginning 1st July.

Scott Dodds, Microsoft's UK general manager of marketing and operations claimed that: "From July 1 in the UK, these adjustments will result in £ sterling price list rises for new volume licensing contracts of between 7.5 per cent and 33.5 per cent."

Consumers will see price rises of 25.7 per cent on average for those entering into new Enterprise Agreements, with Office 365 being hiked up by 21 per cent.

Open Value, Service Provider and Independent Software Vendor agreements will all be increased by 33.5 per cent, while the Open License Agreements will only see a 7.5 per cent rise.

The software maker was keen to state that all academic and consumer licensing will not be affected by these increases.

The decision may be linked to the rise of petrol prices in UK, which have also increased rapidly.

However, the silver lining could be found in the possibility of negotiating directly with Microsoft representatives over prices, for both public and private sectors.

Evidence of this possibility is the Microsoft Public Sector Agreement PSA09 which says that enterprise products can be "heavily discounted".

Source: ZDNet