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New iPad Delivery Time Improved To 3-5 Days

Under constant pressure to deliver more new iPads than its partners are able to make, Apple may have worked round this issue in order to resolve the situation. Customers in the US and Canada who order the third generation iPad online will now be able to receive the device in less than a week.

Up until now, the shipping time was estimated at around seven days but upon the debut of the new iPad, delivery time was up to approximately two weeks.

Tim Cook himself has admitted, at the last earnings call, that his company is facing severe supply constraints for the new iPad. As reported earlier, the main reason for the new iPad shortages is its main selling point, the Retina Display.

Currently, only Samsung has proved to be a reliable supplier for the Retina Display. The South Korean manufacturer is the only supplier equipped to deliver the required display volumes.

From the second quarter, LG will also begin to ship large quantities of panels for the new iPad, with Sharp expected to follow suit.

European customers ordering from their local Apple site however will still have to wait up to two weeks before getting the new iPad.

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