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Nexon Is Not Buying EA Games

Despite rumours that EA Games, one of the biggest publishers in the video game business, was set to be bought out by Tokyo based MMO publisher Nexon, it now looks like a much tamer business proposition has been made - EA will use the Nexon servers for FIFA Online.

Currently the servers for Eastern gamers are provided by South Korean firm Neowiz, with the title not even available in the West having been shut down in early 2011. However, in nations like SK, the game is still going strong - EA it seems is just looking for better ways to monetise it.

Insiders speaking with Bloomberg have said that EA might go a bit further in its relationship with Nexon as well. The firm has a lot of experience with MMOs, therefore making money from persistent online content. It is thought that EA might utilise this expertise to draw extra funds from FIFA Online, with new micro-transactions.

Nexon also maintains an online gaming population of over 80 million across its many titles. On average these players spend $17 a month on the games they play. A deal with EA could see some of these players try FIFA Online since it would likely see some promotion by Nexon. This could lead to a Japanese push for the game.

Shares of Electronic Arts jumped 6.1 per cent at the news of the Nexon takeover potential. However, since then they've fallen back just under a per cent to $15.75.

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