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Nokia Working On New Tablets, Hybrid Smartphones

Nokia plans to release a new breed of tablets in the future, as well as a new kind of "hybrid" smartphone range, all of them powered by Windows Phone 8. The Finnish company has admitted it needs to step up its game in order to succeed against the tough competition.

The information comes from Nokia's chairman Jorma Ollila, who states that tablets are important devices in today's industry, and that in the future the company will be releasing "different hybrids" with "different form factors".

Although Ollila has not explained what exactly a "hybrid" device is, some state that the term might be used to describe a compromise between tablets and smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy Note or the long-forgotten Dell Streak.

When asked of Nokia's current situation and the mechanisms involved when switching to Windows Phone 8, Ollila stated that he is happy with the evolution and that progress takes time in a marketplace with tough competitors, and that it will develop eventually.

The chairman also claimed that Nokia did not itself see this situation back in 2008, with the software the company used to adopt proving to be limited against today's options.

Moreover, Ollila acknowledged that "competitors were faster, and bringing their solutions to the marketplace faster", while declaring that the future combination of new products and Nokia services would be adopted broadly.

Hopefully, the Finnish manufacturer will manage to spin its current financial situation, which hasn't been so optimistic as its chairman planned.

Source: Financial Times