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Noon News: Samsung Galaxy S3 Hands On, No Liquidmetal in iPhone 5 Says Inventor, Galaxy S3 Rival LG Optimus LTE2 Unveiled

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S III mobile phone at an event in London, where ITProPortal was in attendance - live blogging all the happenings of the launch, of the company's next flagship handset. We have got some hands on photos of the phone, which will arrive on the 29th of May and as the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II. This device, was launched at Mobile World Congress 2011 and went on to become a best-seller for the South Korean outfit.

LG has unveiled a new smartphone called the Optimus LTE 2 in South Korea the very day Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 in London. The device appears to have a near-5in screen size and will feature what the company calls True HD IPS display, almost certainly with a 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution.

Oracle's newly released Java SE 7 Update 4 is now available for Mac users, allowing them to receive Java security patches at the same time as Windows and Linux users. This means that should OS X users receive regular Java updates directly from the source, tits users could be better protected against malware attacks.

Many have been speculating over whether or not Apple will be featuring Liquidmetal in the new iPhone, especially as Apple had the rights to use the innovative alloy since acquiring it back in 2010. Atakan Peker, who was one of the inventors of the alloy, suggests that it could take years before we see it in an Apple device.

A couple of days ago, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a bunch of new patents. The new report from tech site Patently Apple describes patents covering various aspects of Apple products including design, the localisation app, MacBook speakers, security features and many more.