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Olympic Park Will Boast Mammoth TV Screen

Plans have been unveiled for an area in the Olympic Park which will play host to 10,000 spectators, who will be able to watch all the running, swimming and throwing unfold on a massive TV screen.

The TV screen will be located on a purpose-built platform in the middle of the River Lea. It'll be 14 metres high, and around the size of three double decker buses. But hopefully with no passengers (though we bet some drunk idiot is going to try and swim across to it, whilst security staff will no doubt be on hand).

The display will be viewable to spectators on both sides of the river, too.

Sebastian Coe, chairman of organising committee Locog, and ex-long distance gold medal winner, said: "Whether it's 'Halsall Hill', 'Pistorius Park' or 'Dai Greene Fields' our plans for Park Live will create a green and colourful place for fans to cheer their heroes and soak up the Olympic Park atmosphere."

We thought it was going to be Hoy Hill? Anyway, whatever the Olympic equivalent of Henman Hill is, the Park Live venue (the fifth biggest in Olympic Park) just became considerably more attractive for those fond of fancy pieces of technology.

As well as those watching the actual sporting events who will be able to get into Olympic Park and enjoy the mega-TV, a number of general park tickets will be released to allow admittance for others.

Source: BBC