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Samsung Galaxy S III: AllShare Cast Dongle - Hands-On Video Walkthrough

With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S III brings with it the arrival of new accessories: one of the more notable ones, is the AllShare Cast dongle.

ITProPortal has caught on video a hands-on demonstration of this device, at the unveiling of the new flagship mobile phone from Samsung - which we covered in a live blog from the actual launch event itself.

The dongle is used for media streaming and really whatever is displayed on the handset's screen, which is mirrored to a HDMI ready television and in full HD, without the need to have a Samsung manufactured set.

The entire picture delivery to the device is performed over WIFI, with the AllShare product connected to the TV through an HDMI cable and then wirelessly, to the Samsung Galaxy S III.

ITPP's footage highlights how simple it is to connect to the dongle, with full mirroring of the phone's screen to a TV screen - in landscape or portrait mode.

The Samsung AllShare Cast product will be available at the same time as the Galaxy S III, on 29th of May, with a cost attached of 89 Euros or at around £70.

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