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Samsung Galaxy S III: AllShare Play - Hands-On Walkthrough On Video

The Samsung Galaxy S III phone boasts a wide array of new features, one of them comes in the form of the AllShare Play hub.

ITPP has captured on film a hands-on walkthrough of its functionality, from the successor to last year's Galaxy S II.

This software allows for movies, pictures and music to be heard or listen to, remotely.

In our demo video, the AllShare Play app highlights a great example of its overall usefulness. Three mobile phones are all seen to be sharing the same media, from inside of the app and over Wi-Fi.

One of the three handsets shares a set of pictures with the other two, in a function known as group cast. The media is then accessible securely, on all the other mobiles, via a pin number.

In itself, this isn't outstanding, but what is, is that any one of the devices showing the media can control the media on the others. This is with scrolling through the gallery, accessing the files and even annotating a picture, which is replicated in real-time, on all the other devices.

This isn't limited to just handsets either, as large TV screens can also be used and even with documents too. This can also be used in presentations with files on computers or laptops, and not just on the phone.