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Samsung Galaxy S3 Marks End Of The Tyranny Of the Megapixel

One thing intrigued us at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 yesterday. The camera on the new smartphone has the same pixel count as the handset it is replacing - which bodes badly for it in dumb head to head comparisons.

In fact, the Galaxy S3 is the third flagship smartphone in a row from Samsung to have a camera with the same or lower pixel count as the Galaxy S2, which was launched more than a year ago with the Galaxy Nexus having a lower pixel count at five-megapixel.

We could be witnessing a turn in the tide as major smartphone manufacturers stop competing for the highest pixel count and focus instead on improving picture quality, something that can't be measured as simply as quoting a big figure.

HTC is the other company that has stopped the race for pixels with its new One range, preferring instead to focus on improving quality using inhouse IP including a better sensor and better imaging technology.

At yesterday's launch of the S3, Samsung mentioned a few features like "Best photo" and "Burst shot" as well as a zero-lag shutter but did not go into details as to what the S3 brings in terms of qualitative improvements to its camera. That's something we will seek to explore in a forthcoming review of the S3.


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