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SOCA Website Downed By DDoS Attack

The website of the Serious Organised Crime Agency, SOCA, has been hit by a distributed-denial-of-service attack this week.

It first went down under DDoS fire on Wednesday evening, and remained down yesterday afternoon according to Infosecurity. What's more, it's still down as of writing this report - this morning - quite the major outage, it would seem.

What's perhaps stranger is the fact that LulzSec or Anonymous haven't yet stepped forward with claims of "tango down" and other related tweets, as is usually the case the moment an official website gets taken offline by DDoS fire.

A spokesperson for SOCA said of the initial attack: "Clearly the things we'd like to stress are that the SOCA website contains only publicly available information, it does not provide access to operational material."

They added: "DDoS attacks cause a temporary inconvenience to website visitors, they don't impose a security risk to the organisation."

There are suggestions that perhaps the DDoS hit was a cover for a hacking attempt in some way. For the website to have been down for so long now, suggests that something is seriously amiss. And SOCA's reaction does seem on the defensive side.

We'll keep our eyes open for a further official statement on exactly what's going on here.

Source: Infosecurity