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Windows 8 Will Drop "Live" Branding

Microsoft has announced that once Windows 8 is released, "Windows Live" branding will finally be dropped. To explain the new naming scheme, the software giant has composed a table to detail the changes.

Up to now, Microsoft used the Windows Live name for a wide variety of services, including Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer, Live Mesh, Family Safety, Hotmail and even SkyDrive.

In Windows 8, most of these programs will be known as apps, a move that will also help with Microsoft's integration across the mobile platforms.

Some of these applications have already been made available starting with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, as well as the latest Release Preview.

For example, Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express will both be known as Mail app, while Windows Live Mail and Windows Calendar will become the Calendar app. MSN Messenger will become the Messaging app and Windows Live Photo will be named as the Photos app.

Some exceptions can also be found in the list, one of them being Windows Live ID and Passport, which will evolve into a Microsoft account.

For those continuing to use earlier versions of Microsoft's OS including Windows 7 and Vista, the software maker has yet to announce if these services will continue to be supported or if the new names will just be served through an update.

Source: Building Windows 8