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Windows Phone Developer Summit Scheduled For June

Microsoft has begun inviting Windows Phone developers to a conference in late June.

The developer conference is set to be a two day affair over the 20th and 21st June of this year. Microsoft has already been sending out 'save the date' cards for developers they wish to be at the summit. The conference will be used to select programmers for the Windows Phone platform.

For those who don't receive an invitation but wish to go, a Microsoft spokesperson has said, "You should expect a formal registration process as with most events. Will have more details in the coming weeks.”

The invitation doesn't offer any information as to what topics Microsoft will cover at the developer conference, but many developers expect to hear about the next Windows Phone OS 8, Apollo.

We know that existing apps on the Windows Phone platform will run on Windows Phone 8 handsets. We also know that developers will be allowed to continue using XNA to write apps for Windows Phone 8. Beyond that, not much is known about Apollo, so Microsoft may use its developer conference to announce the platform more formally. Or at least release some new information.

Source: ZDNet