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Yahoo! Reviews Falsified Degree Qualification In CEO Scott Thompson's Biography

We've all been guilty of 'enhancing' our CVs from time to time, but when you're CEO of one of the most renowned companies in the world, you really should know better. Unfortunately, Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson might have learnt his lesson a little too late, after it came to light that some educational inaccuracies surfaced in his biography.

The company has released a statement on their 'review' of the situation:

"In connection with the statement the company made earlier today about Scott Thompson, the Yahoo! board will be reviewing this matter, and upon completion of its review, will make an appropriate disclosure to shareholders."

The debacle emerged after hedge funder of Third Point, Dan Loeb, claimed Thompson's computer science degree to be false - with the Yahoo! CEO in fact possessing only a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration (Accounting) from Boston's Stonehill College.

But to really add salt to his wounds, CNBC has also pointed out another interesting fact:

Apparently, the error has been around for all to see for over ten years - but so far it remains unclear how exactly such erroneous information has come about. Yahoo! has since removed his educational reference, but questions and eyebrows have since been raised about the company's vetting process.

One word, Thompson: Busted!

Source: TheNextWeb

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