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15 Per Cent Of US Kids Under 11 Own A Mobile Phone

The advanced adoption of technology becomes more apparent as we notice how the age of its users is constantly decreasing. Children are using the technology in their early ages, as a recent report from eMarketer reveals.

The eMarketer report confirms previous findings from The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. Last year, the two organisations reported that 16 per cent of American kids aged between 12 and 17 who are active netizens, are using Twitter.

Last year, the number of kids using social networks doubled from 2010. But the matter being scrutinised this time was smartphone usage.

eMarketer revealed that 15 per cent of children under 11 have their own mobile phones. While parents do their best in trying to keep their kids away from social networks, or at least to supervise their time spent chatting with friends online, kids always find a way to avoid parent supervision.

Websites like KidVuz, Playground Club Penguin or FashionPlaytes are considered to be the trendiest networks, where kids who are not allowed on Facebook congregrate on these sites instead. For younger smartphone users, Instagram and Viddy are noted as the two apps allowing kids to socialise away from their parents' supervision.

Source: WSJ

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