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AMD Appoints New Senior Vice President

AMD has appointed a new senior vice president and made her chief marketing officer to boot. Colette Laforce, while sounding like a video game boss, will be reporting to Rory Read, current president at the firm. She will handle global marketing for AMD, including the strategy, corporate events sponsorships and entertainment marketing.

"Colette brings strong technology marketing and brand-building experience, a fresh perspective and a results-oriented approach that will strengthen AMD's global marketing organization," Mr Read said. "Her deep expertise will accelerate the revitalization of the AMD brand, amplifying our voice in the marketplace while helping position the company for long-term growth."

Laforce comes with a strong pedigree, moving from her role at Dell as chief marketing officer. Her career is studded with marketing positions, having been part of several Dell divisions handling their public persona. She's also worked as head of global marketing at SGI (previously Ramshackle Systems) and director of marketing at Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Perhaps the hiring of Laforce will see AMD take a new direction and approach with its marketing. It received a bit of a body blow with the recent release of the high powered Nvidia Kepler hardware. Maybe we'll see a counter punch thrown in the near future.

Source: Marketwatch

Picture Source: Linkedin

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