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iPad 2,4 Battery Lasts 18 Per Cent Longer Compared To New iPad

When Apple launched the third generation iPad with its high-resolution display and super fast connection speed, the second generation iPad also got some perks. The company didn't advertise it all, however, leaving it up to techie fans to find out the details.

Some of the iPad 2 models available on the market have very precious processors. Samsung has recently changed the manufacturing technology for iPad's A5 chips.

The South Korean supplier now employs 32nm chip-making process for iPad's A5, replacing the old 45nm process. The iPad 2's new A5 chip uses HK + metal gate LP transistors. The result is a change in performance.

Consequently, the new chips integrated into the second generation iPad deliver a better battery life. A recent Anandtech report reveals that the iPad 2, that benefits from the new chip-making process (also referred to as iPad 2,4) is the most power-efficient iPad on the market.

"The iPad 2 holds a 19% advantage over the 3rd generation iPad (once again for obvious reasons), however the iPad 2,4 absolutely dominates with an 18% increase in battery life," says the report. The device is capable of delivering almost 16 hours of use on a single charge.

Source: AnandTech

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