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iPhone 5 Could Be Taller, Slimmer Than iPhone 4S

A recent report from iLounge suggests that we might see a transformation in the iPhone's appearance, starting this autumn. The upcoming sixth generation iPhone is expected to feature a longer and thinner body, compared to its predecessors.

The next iPhone will probably measure 125mm x 58.5mm x 7.4mm, if Jeremy Horwitz's sources are accurate. This would mean the new iPhone will be 10mm taller than the iPhone 4S as well as be 2mm slimmer.

As the new iPhone is expected to be taller but not wider, it means that Apple plans to change the iPhone aspect ratio for the first time after the original iPhone was introduced to the market. The report doesn't confirm the rumours relating to the teardrop shape.

Another significant difference to the existing iPhone models would be tied to the materials. Supposedly, Apple plans to change the iPhone's rear casing by adding a metal back.

This flat panel will replace the current solution, and whilst aesthetically appealing, will not be as sturdy - often coming under severe criticism for the lack of protection it offers. The new iPhone will still be made out of Gorilla Glass, at least partially, stated the report.

Source: iLounge

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